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Winter Getaway Guide

While most tend to prefer taking their holidays during the summer months, many find that winter is the time when they really need to take a break. Well winter is certainly upon us again and so now is the time to consider making plans for that vital winter getaway. The first choice to make will be whether to go for a destination in the sun or make the most of the advantages that the winter climate offers and opt for a skiing holiday or a hike up a snowy mountain.

Either way, the most essential thing you will have to bear in mind is to pack accordingly. There is little point in travelling to somewhere such as Panama, for example, (temperatures hit 82 degrees in winter here) and packing a whole range of woolly jumpers. Similarly, you will need to pack accordingly if you are jetting off to somewhere like Ottawa where temperatures can drop below freezing.

The important thing is to make sure your suitcase or shoulder bag is packed well. There are a few things you can do to ensure you make the most of your packing. For example, you can always roll up socks or ties and put them in your shoes. In addition, the shoes themselves should ideally be packed along the bag`s perimeter. Finally, tailored clothes should go at the bottom with t-shirts and sweaters at the top.

If you do choose to go on a skiing holiday, there are one or two essential packing tips to consider. First a fitted goose-down coat is by far the warmest garment there is. Second, don`t forget to pack a pair of ski boots, preferably ones that have gripping soles. Lastly, as far as trousers are concerned, try and pick the darkest pairs you can find as the dark colours absorb more light.

For the pick of winter skiing destinations, Lake Tahoe is among the finest. Not only does the area have more downhill ski resorts than just about anywhere else, but in winter the sparkling Tahoe Basin and surrounding national forests and parks make this resort one of the most enchanting around.

Alternatively, if hot sun is what you want, the Caribbean in winter will never disappoint. Which of the islands you choose, of course, will come down to a matter of taste. St Barts, for example, is perfect for lovers of fine food and a vibrant nightlife scene. Sandy lane, on the other hand is ideal for golf enthusiasts who will have the choice of three major championship courses.

If however, you are thinking of staying closer to home and just taking a short break, Colchester Zoo has now developed into one of Europe`s finest and makes the ideal destination for a family day out. Indeed, the zoo has recently been awarded the `Large Visitor Attraction of the Year Award`. It is home to over 270 species, all housed in the 60 acres of glorious parklands and also includes more than 50 displays, play areas and road trains. In addition, Colchester Zoo discount vouchers can often be found online, making this one of the best choices for a quick winter getaway.

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