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London City Guide

Holidaying in London can be a daunting prospect for first-time visitors as the immensity of the city and the sheer volume of interesting things to see and do can be overwhelming. Careful planning can help to eliminate these worries and help you to accomplish all of the things you want to and the best way to do this is to make up a dream list. Think of all the things you would like to do and then prioritise.

For many people, one of the main attractions of London is the West End. A trip to London without seeing a show is a bit like going to New York and not going to Broadway. There are over forty major West End theatres as well as innumerable smaller establishments often known as `off West End` or `fringe` theatres. Taking this into account it is easy to see that, at any given time, there are a wide variety of shows and plays running, meaning there is something for everyone.

Another main reason to see London is to experience the history of this thriving city for yourself. The history of London is long and intriguing but it can be explored quite easily through a variety of attractions. The buildings themselves speak of the past and the rich architecture can take you on a journey from the eleventh century right up to the present day. Though most of the city was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666, there are still a number of ancient buildings that can be visited.

The history is not only alive in the buildings of London but also in its people and culture. London`s people are proud of the legacy they have been left and this is celebrated throughout in the preservation of its palaces and institutions as well as in its monuments and museums. The British Museum and Imperial War Museum are must-sees for history buffs but the very best way to steep yourself right in it is to take one of the many London City bus tours.

As London is so big, one of the most important things to consider when planning your trip is your accommodation. When booking, remember to try to stay close to the main attractions you want to see as this will help to minimise the expense of taxi`s and the confusion of public transportation. So, if you want to see the Lion King Lyceum Theatre is the venue so you will want to book a hotel close to it in the West End. Likewise, if you are intent on spending a lot of time touring pick a hotel close to one of the tour bus stops. Booking your accommodation cleverly will also save time which will help you get through more of your list and enjoy London more fully.

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