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Letting Go In Costa Brava: 8 Things You Need To do

The rugged coast along the northern tip of Catalonia has been a tourist favourite for decades. And why won’t it be? It has some of the best virgin beaches in the entire continent, along with a beautiful tale of history to tell. The clincher for Costa Brava has always been the fact that it offers every part of its lifestyle unfettered.

So, when you take on Costa Brava vacation rentals, you take in a lot of their culture and music as well. Now, there’s that eternal question. You might book a room and arrive, but, what do you do in Costa Brava?

1. Explore the beaches

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Look, you have read the travel blogs, and you knew this was coming. You cannot visit the wild Catalonian coasts and not indulge in the beautiful beaches along it. What’s splendid about the coast is that once, you find yourself in the quaint towns like Blanes, you would discover coves aplenty for yourself to just let go in.

Don’t be scared to explore and travel along the roads and reach to the furthest of untouched beaches. Remember most of the beaches here are “Blues Flags” which means Europe has given them a pass saying the water is clean.

Get your swimming gear, jump into the ocean and make sure you enjoy the local adventure sports of Snorkeling and Paragliding while you are at it!

2. Lose yourself at Temps de Flors

Temps de Flors is an annual festival of flowers held at Girona every year at the beginning of May. It is one of the occasions when Catalonia comes out in full-swing to enjoy and give in the language of flowers.

One day of the year, the city adorns itself in flowers. Visit the floral exhibitions or relish the beauty of the cultural intermingling.

Everywhere from monuments and streets become one with the flowers and becomes a piece of art. If photography is your drug, then this might be the best vacation you ever take. While you are there, also enjoy the novel artworks that float everywhere during the entire duration of the festival.

3. Be a little artistic

If art is what makes you tick, then the Dali museum in the quaint town of Cadaques might be where you consider heading. It houses the world-famous Dali museum, a building that is adorned with small wandering doorways and spaces, all leading to the famous painter’s collections, souvenirs and other things.

With its surreal architecture and the excellent location, Dali would undoubtedly approve of this. However, it gets better. Cadaques has been the place where Picasso also cut his hand in art.

Teatre Museau Dali in Figueres is another museum dedicated to the painter, which is known for its architecture and the beautiful artworks that is houses. It features eggs atop the building too!

4. Embrace the nightlife

Torsa de Mar and Lloret de Mar have become the favourite of every tourist who decides to visit Costa Brava. The vibrant beach towns host a variety of nightclubs and have a tradition of letting your hair down and enjoying. There’s a reason; it is a priority for many European teenagers to visit the place.

Whether it is the famous La Lluna in Begur or the numerous bars in Roses, nightlife in Costa Brava is hardly monolithic. It moves onto extravagant dancing to quietly sip the wine as you watch the bay at night.

Add on, and you have to try the local rum with coffee mixed, it is a delicacy in Calella de Palafrugell.

5. Enjoy the Seafood

Blanes and Roses are both towns where the seafood makes the primary cuisine. Enjoy the local Spanish markets in Blanes and haggle over prices so that you can have your catch of the day meal.

Or sit at one of many Michelin star restaurants in Roses and enjoy the calming seafood. Either way, you cannot go wrong! Bonus, you can relax on the calming Cadaques beaches and try the local delicacy of sea urchins as the night falls.

6. Visit the Cap Roig Botanical Gardens

The Cap Roig Botanical gardens are the winning cap of Mediterranean flora to add to your itinerary. This is a castle as well as a botanical garden featuring some of the most beautiful plant life from around the world.

Settle down on one of the castle’s viewpoints and enjoy the seemingly endless garden that stretches out below. Added bonus? You can view rare plants that are not available elsewhere in the world. Think of it as the tour of the Mediterranean without all the travel.

7. A look back at history

Costa Brava has been housing thousands of years of history. Visit the museums in Girona or Roses, walk through the streets of Blanes and gain the luxury of actually seeing the rich culture of the entire region for yourself.

There is the Museo del Mar in Lloret de Mar, the Cork Museum in Palafrugell and many more if you want to quench your thirst for history. As already said, these are the towns where hundreds of artists flong to for inspiration and no small part of it is because it reserves some of the richest histories in the entire region.

Bonus, you can visit the place Dali lived at Portilligat too, and see the quirky sculptures and feel the air that the great artist breathed in!

8. Swim in the channels

The Vies Braves are sea swimming lanes that stretch through many cities. If swimming takes your fancy, these channels will give you the ability to explore entire places and lose track of time.

The project is relatively recent; however, it now covers a massive stretch of over 20 towns across the regions! Enough to satisfy any swimmers need to immerse themselves.

Enjoy yourself in the wild coasts of Catalonia and indulge in the local culture as you do these activities. You would feel positively global by the time you are on your way back, and you can even tell the tales of the cove you found all for yourself.

Remember to travel in a time when the popular summer tourism has died down so you can find some relaxation and free-time in the numerous beaches.

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