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Holiday Alone: Tips For An Enjoyable Solo Trip

There is a whole wide world out there waiting to be explored and that world may not wait for you to find a travel companion. Traveling alone can be a thrilling and enriching experience.

One of the most remarkable advantages of traveling alone is that you get to set the pace. There’s no need to worry about a set itinerary or adhering to a schedule. You have to freedom to spend an extra day in a town, check out a museum, go on an outdoor adventure or if simply spend a day lounging. However, before setting off on your own you should explore the following ideas that will make your solo expedition a success.

Avoid Danger While Roaming Alone

Traveling alone carries its own set of dangers and solo travelers may want to avoid dangerous destinations like Somalia or remote places like Papua New Guinea on their first holiday alone. Ideally, you should look at the government guidelines on specific places before starting your holiday.

If you do not speak the language of your destination country you should carefully consider how you will communicate during your visit. To avoid feeling totally isolated, many travelers find other English speakers at hostels or hotels or they find time to Skype home.

To ensure that they are protected in the case of injury, travelers should always carry a plan from a reputable travel insurer like Budget Direct Travel Insurance.

The most important thing to remember while traveling alone is to trust your instincts. If a place feels dodgy, you should trust that feeling and leave immediately.

There’s an App for That

A decade ago, solo travelers had to make their way from country to country loaded with heavy travel guides and the only way to contact loved ones was to visit an internet cafe or buy a calling card. Now, thanks to smart phones, we can travel with technology and easily call home as needed with the push of a few buttons.

Before setting off on their first solo excursion, travelers should get a few apps. There’s Nothing Like Australia, Australia Road Trips and others will help you to find the best travel spots and more on your next holiday. For an outdoor adventure, you may wish to try the Australia Bushwalking app that includes the specifics of 90 different bushwalks.

Avoid Uneasy Vibes and Stay Safe

Solo travelers have been on the road for generations. Travel stories and books offer inspiration like “Full Tilt: Dunkirk to Dehli on Bicycle.” In this exciting travel journal, Dervla Murphy chronicles her 1960s bicycle ride from Ireland to India.

A generation later, travelers can still use some of Murphy’s advice on how to stay safe on the road. Travelers should always pay attention to the culture of the land that they are headed to and if necessary they should dress conservatively. this is especially important for women travelers. While on the move, you should always walk confidently. This is an easy and invaluable way to deter unwanted attention.

While taking precautions and necessary steps to prepare for your solo traveling experience, the main goal is to have a wonderful time and learn to be adventurous and have fun on your own.

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