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Finding the best Cruise Package

With so many cruise options available to choose from, it`s easy to get confused over the whole issue when you`re deciding which type is best for you. Cruises can be both action-packed or relaxed, with amenities such as casinos, swimming pools, live entertainment and gourmet dining. The range and variety on offer, with regard to both style and size of ship and on-board facilities can seem overwhelming.

First time cruise passengers are especially likely to find the process of choosing their cruise daunting as there are so many different options to take into consideration. Things like itineraries, what kind of cabin would be most suitable, length of cruise and price ranges may present a list of options and considerations that`s too long for comfort.

You can make the process of choosing and booking a cruise much simpler by asking yourself a few well chosen questions:


Be honest about the budget you have for your cruise. Most people are likely to compromise somewhere, such as duration of cruise, type of cabin or the number of shore excursions they include. Most cruises include meals and onboard entertainment, with extra being charged for drinks at the bar or spa services.

Cruise Duration

If you`re not sure whether cruising is for you, it`s probably best to choose a shorter cruise. Cruises from just a few days to longer trips lasting a month or more offer plenty of choice whatever your preference.

Casual or Formal

Do you enjoy dressing up, or are you more comfortable in casual wear? Some cruises have formal nights where dressing for dinner is expected. If this really puts you off, look for cruises that give you either a casual option or that don`t have formal occasions at all.

Cabin Choice

Would you prefer an inside cabin, or one with a window or balcony? Balcony cabins are especially romantic for honeymooners, whether first or second-timers, but if you`re cruising on a strict budget then choosing an inside cabin may free up funds for more shore excursions or bar drinks. Decide which is more important to you and book accordingly.


While cruises are available in just about every popular tourist region of the world, some areas are more popular than others.

When most people think of cruises, the words `luxury` and `exotic` are also brought to mind, with Caribbean cruises high on the list of favourites. Famous for its perfect beaches, fabulous weather and laid-back, relaxed attitude, the Caribbean Islands sum up everything many people expect of a cruise.

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