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Best Districts of Rome for Tourists

Rome is one of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world on account of its rich cultural history and renowned architecture. If you are planning on visiting Rome along with a large group it is advisable to stay in an apartment rental. Here is a guide to some of the best areas in the city to get an apartment rental.

1. Coliseum Area – This neighbourhood is probably one of the most common areas for tourists to seek out a rental apartment in Rome. Booking an apartment here, will have guests staying in proximity to popular attractions like the Coliseum, the Roman Forum and other important ancient ruins, which makes it possible for one to cut down on transport costs. This area also has plenty of apartments on rent to cater to different budgets; several shopping boutiques are also available in the area.

2. Trastevere – This quarter of Rome is located along the right bank of the river Tiber, and has a number of beautiful buildings offering several apartments that can be rented by tourists. The famous architecture and sightseeing attractions in this region, the abundance of public transport and the many cafes and restaurants make this a wonderful place to rent an apartment in when you are in Rome.

3. Rignano Flaminio – This area is a serene locality in Rome and is a great place for people who are looking to escape from the bustle of the city to rent an apartment. The Flaminio region has a number of vacation apartments available at reasonable prices. Flaminio is well known for its scenic and rural beauty and is a great place to book a cosy rental apartment.

4. Centro Storico – This is an important neighbourhood in Rome and is considered to be the historic centre of the city. This region has some of the most beautiful vacation apartments in the city, and is close to the Piazza Navona, the Campo Marzo and the Campo dei Fiori, the city’s most popular tourist destinations. The Centro Storico has plenty of apartments to offer travellers, many of which can be a bit expensive on account of its location in the city’s historic centre.

5. Termini – The region around the Stazione Termini is another great location for people looking for vacation rental apartments in Rome. The area is very well connected to every part of Rome, and offers easy access to cities outside Rome as well. The area offers cheap and affordable vacation apartment rentals as there are only a few attractions within the Termini area; however, this is not much of a problem, since public transport is available.

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