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A Las Vegas Vacation Worth Remembering

Las Vegas has had a long history of being a decadent vacation location. While it is known for its almost hedonistic adult entertainment there are many family friendly activities. Cheap flights to Las Vegas make the desert location another very popular tourist spot. It’s possible to find cheap flights to Las Vegas almost year round due to the popularity of the town. Cheap flights are also routinely offered by airlines through promotional deals. So if you’re willing to be flexible about your travel dates Nevada may be a perfect location for you.

While Las Vegas is perhaps most famous for its gambling and casinos there are numerous things to do that don’t require games of chance. Most hotels offer spectacular stage shows that rival those of Broadway and the West End. While some of these shows are not child friendly the majority of them are. There are also discount ticket booths which allow tourist the chance to see shows at discounted prices. If the theatre isn’t quite what you’re interested in there’s also magic shows and the occasional singer making their home on the Las Vegas strip.

Shopping is another must for many Las Vegas visitors. With outlet malls and a large number of boutiques it’s possible to find something to interest the whole family without breaking the bank. There are so many stores that even the most seasoned shopper may be overwhelmed by the myriad of choices offered on the strip. From hats to shoes it’s possible to get decked out in the finest clothes or just causal every day wear.

Animal lovers will be pleased with the numerous exotic animal enclosures contained on the grounds of many of the Las Vegas hotels. From dolphins to lions, no animal lover will come away unsatisfied with the sheer variety of species housed in this desert paradise.

The food in Las Vegas is really beyond compare. Almost every hotel has a prime buffet. The quantity and variety of food offered borders on decadent. While these buffets will wreak havoc on one’s diet they are worth indulging in. Everything from vegetables to elk can be found at these buffets, they are really worth the price to have all you can eat of almost anything you could ask for. Be sure to save room for the numerous desserts offered and to go back for seconds!

Las Vegas is a great choice for an affordable family vacation. There are many cheap flights Las Vegas, and it’s got a wide variety in accommodations and pricing. It will be easy to find activities to please the whole family during a Las Vegas vacation. Even if all you do is sit by the pool!

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